The Mood Board for I Heart Dexter. ;)

The Mood Board for I Heart Dexter. ;)

Hello All

Congrats to Samuel Platz for going viral with his batstache… nice…

Anywho, Smiles & Hugs! I Heart Dexter is coming along smoothly. Maybe I shouldn’t say smoothly…  It’s rough and stressful, but I don’t want anyone to freak out.

I Heart Dexter

Hello all this is my first Blog Entry for the upcoming short film I Heart Dexter. Please be Patient as I will have more content to upload in the nearby future.


Im on withoutabox modifying all the information for the submission of Welcome to these festivals


look for my stickers in MIDTOWN!!! premiere estimated for June 15, 2012, a Friday


nothing feels as good as getting told im a natural born leader by someone whose word i respect


my timeline file is only missing some finesse work. Getting some more B-roll tonight, but otherwise, should be alright to move forward. I’d like to get everyone’s support on this if possible. I know you all say you’re busy, but It only take a few seconds to respond or whatever. Thanks again!